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Here’s Friday’s and Monday’s PerryVision! videos on talk radio for AllAccess.com.

First up, from just before Friday’s deluge hit, on the devaluation of the human part of radio:

And today’s hit, on the value of independence for talk radio hosts and the danger of hitching your wagon to the wrong star:

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Almost forgot to post the PerryVision videos, so let’s catch up:

There. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

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In which the future of the radio business arrives, things get hard to hear, and the future proves it has some work to do before it’s totally ready. Plus some Ken Burns effects because I was too lazy to turn them off, and a sub-Dad Joke.

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Ohai. This is the first video I did for the new All Access News-Talk-Sports-Podcast email newsletter. It’s cheap and shaky and stupid and goofy, which is kind of the point. Observe:

In which AllAccess.com’s Today’s Talk newsletter debuts, a very expensive radio deal is analyzed, and crows interfere, because that’s what crows do. Also, a ficus is introduced, things shake, and Perry gets redundant.

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No, I haven’t gone back on my promise. Not intentionally, that is. It’s just been frantic here – both jobs swamping me at the same time a vicious headache came to visit and linger. Hence…

You can read my latest All Access column here. People seem to like it. I don’t know. Whatever.

Here, don’t remember if I ever borrowed this from Tim Lones, the Cleveland TV historian:

1957. Cool.

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T-minus 2 days until I have to do CES – excuse me, International CES – in Las Vegas, and I’m as unprepared as ever. Haven’t packed, did just a rudimentary brush through the agenda, just not together yet. It’s always like this.

Maybe this year it’s because there’s no real excitement about what’s in store at the show this year. After 3D kinda flopped and last year was all about cars and 4K, the prospect of this year being exactly like last year- nothing notable, mostly evolutionary (barely)- has me not exactly relishing the drive up there.

Or maybe it’s that it’s Friday and I’m just worn out. Let’s just say that’s it. Who knows? Maybe something at CES will knock everybody’s socks off. It could happen. Right now, that drive is not what I want to think about. And, two days early, it’s all I can think about. That and the Eagles game. If they win, that drive won’t be quite as tough. I might just float all the way up the 15 freeway.

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Yeah, ‘course I’m still here. Well, not specifically here. I’m here and here and here, but not here. You know?

Best intentions aside, it really has been difficult to find time to write things other than the ones for which I’m paid. Even in the past few weeks, which have ostensibly been “vacation” weeks in part (off from All Access, not from Nerdist), have been filled with work. I still WANT to write other things — there’s no room for my sports and historical pop culture musings on the other sites, save for the occasional belch buried in the usual radio or genre television/movie/book stuff — but I just haven’t had time to do it. There’s a 2014 resolution for me in there someplace.

Well, this is a start. It’s been, what, ten months? So this is as good a time as any to throw stuff on here. I’ve been kinda missing this place. Feels like home.

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So, yeah, what the hell happened?

A lot, but that meant I didn’t have the time or energy to do anything here. And I’m far from alone, judging by the number of blogs you see abandoned or sluggishly (is that a word?) updated these days. As I’ve told you before, time has become a commodity in severely short supply for me, and my original reason for this site — to maintain a regular, daily writing regimen — has become obsolete, because I’m writing daily for AllAccess.com and Nerdist.com. They pay, this doesn’t, and at the (literal) end of the day, I just don’t have time or energy to write any more.

Not that I’m not grateful for that. To be gainfully employed, period, is a blessing in 2012, and to be gainfully employed by not just two websites but two great places for which to work is especially gratifying. But it doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

But I still want to keep this going, because who else will look for things like this?:

That, courtesy of the indispensable FuzzyMemories.tv, is a Christmas-time commercial from Weise’s department store in Rockford, Illinois, circa 1976. Weise’s lasted until 1982, when it was renamed after parent store chain Bergner’s (the logo, which is pretty much Bergner’s with “Weise’s” where “Bergner’s” would go, is a tipoff). Bergner’s, of course, still exists, part of the Bon-Ton chain. WHO ELSE WOULD CARE ABOUT THAT? See, that’s why I have to keep this place going….