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And it begins anew.

2017 is in its third day and I’m sitting at the gate in Long Beach Airport, waiting to head to the first of several conventions this year, as in every year. It’s what I do, I cover conventions, and there are worse fates in life, no doubt. This time, it’s CES — the CTA has decreed that it’s just CES now, not International CES or the Consumer Electronics Show — and I’m going just for the preliminaries (opening trend speeches, Media Day and some panels, one hectic day of the full deal) this year because I have to be back for personal reasons before the convention hits full speed. I’d love to be able to do these things the way others do, foregoing the panels and wandering the show floors checking out the wares, but I have a job to do, so that isn’t going to happen.

I’m more skeptical than ever about what the consumer electronics business is hyping these days, because, let’s face it, what we’ve seen them push in the last several years hasn’t been impressive. 3D TVs flopped and flopped hard. 4K TVs are selling only because the price dropped to commodity levels, but you don’t see much 4K content. The Internet of Things is coming but people seem pretty unenthusiastic about it. Wearables? In people’s junk drawers within a few months, though the technology will find its way into the medical field before long. Drones? Please. The one thing that they show at CES that will be a game changer is the autonomous car, which stretches the definition of “consumer electronics” a bit but will obviously be everywhere at some point. Yet we’ve been seeing that at CES for years. This year’s hot thing? No clue. Guess the CTA will spin that as the maturing of the industry, or they’ll stress growth in developing countries. Yeah, that’ll work OK.

But I’ll be writing plenty about that this week for All Access and maybe here, too. This is how every year really starts for me; it’s not officially a new year unless I’m off to Vegas for CES. Here we go.

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Hey, I’m back!  Again!  After only four months or so!

Well, I’d explain what the holdup has been, but it’s complicated and personal and we’ll let insurance handle it.  But more’s coming, and part of it is video.  So, let’s test out some embed code for Facebook Live and see if this test video — really, it’s just me blathering on about testing things out — works:

Huh.  I have some things to learn, like spacing and stuff (I did figure out how to get embed code to work, so there’s that).  So, more of that coming, only talking about radio stuff and podcasting stuff and other stuff because I get bored with radio stuff and podcasting stuff sometimes.  You’ve been warned.

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There are benefits to working at home. The commute, of course, can’t be beat.  The flexibility of work attire is obvious.  (Yes, I do get dressed.  No, not a suit.)  The availability of your own kitchen, your own bathroom, your own everything is ideal.  And I’m pretty good at warding off distractions; I don’t turn on the big TV, I don’t go off and play video games all day, I don’t really do anything but work.

Which is how I get days like this, on which I never leave the house.  Other than a break for my daily run, and 10 minutes to slam down what passed for lunch, I spent all day right here in front of the computer, writing and researching and writing some more.  I saw nobody, talked to a few people on the phone but that’s all the human interaction I had, and… well, I don’t want this to become the Daily Ella Mourning, but I used to at least be able to check on the cat and maybe feed and pet her for a few minutes for some semblance of socialization, and now that’s gone, too.  So, solitude.

When you’re solitary like this, you tell yourself that you’re going to make a concerted effort to break that chain, that you’re going to schedule lunches and coffee and whatever else would work to just get together with friends and business associates.  And I’m going to do that.  My pending schedule changes will help, and I already have some scheduled.  But it’s an effort, especially when you live, as I do, very far, far away from everyone you know.  That leads to conversations like this:

“Okay, let’s do lunch on Friday.  Where’s your office?”

“Palos Verdes.”

Long pause.  “Um… Let’s meet up here.”

But I will.  I will get in the car and drive and drive and meet up with people, because if I stay in the office all by myself, I am going to do crazy things like talk to myself and write blog posts about how I work alone and have no human interac…

Never mind.  If you’re in the L.A. area and know me and want to grab lunch, all I’m saying is that I’m open to that possibility more than ever.  A change of scenery is always a good idea.

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IMG_1170Most of the last 24 hours have been a blur, but recovering from the events of yesterday has… well, I’m functioning and ambulatory, so there’s that. We cleared out as much of Ella’s belongings as we could in an attempt to keep from being triggered at every turn, but even without the accessories, I’ve been finding myself looking for her in her usual places — the couch in the library, the bed, the other bed — and quickly closing the front door to keep her from running out, and going to the cupboard to get some food for her. And in each instance, it stings. I suppose I’ll be doing that for a while. Fran says she’s doing the same thing. There’ll be a period of adjustment, that much I know.

Adjustment is the watchword here at this site, too. My daily work schedule is about to change, and while the specifics are not relevant to anyone but me, it means more time to do new things, and old things I’ve neglected. The latter would include this site, which I know has been a wasteland for a while. With more time to just write whatever I want, I think I’ll be a little more active here, not for any reason other than I like to write and not everything fits in a tweet. I can’t guarantee something every day, or even anything coherent and interesting, but I’ll be here. At least it’s free.

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No, I haven’t gone back on my promise. Not intentionally, that is. It’s just been frantic here – both jobs swamping me at the same time a vicious headache came to visit and linger. Hence…

You can read my latest All Access column here. People seem to like it. I don’t know. Whatever.

Here, don’t remember if I ever borrowed this from Tim Lones, the Cleveland TV historian:

1957. Cool.

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T-minus 2 days until I have to do CES – excuse me, International CES – in Las Vegas, and I’m as unprepared as ever. Haven’t packed, did just a rudimentary brush through the agenda, just not together yet. It’s always like this.

Maybe this year it’s because there’s no real excitement about what’s in store at the show this year. After 3D kinda flopped and last year was all about cars and 4K, the prospect of this year being exactly like last year- nothing notable, mostly evolutionary (barely)- has me not exactly relishing the drive up there.

Or maybe it’s that it’s Friday and I’m just worn out. Let’s just say that’s it. Who knows? Maybe something at CES will knock everybody’s socks off. It could happen. Right now, that drive is not what I want to think about. And, two days early, it’s all I can think about. That and the Eagles game. If they win, that drive won’t be quite as tough. I might just float all the way up the 15 freeway.