10. August 2016 · Comments Off on Updates: Missing Ella and Fixing Up This Place · Categories: Cat, Work

IMG_1170Most of the last 24 hours have been a blur, but recovering from the events of yesterday has… well, I’m functioning and ambulatory, so there’s that. We cleared out as much of Ella’s belongings as we could in an attempt to keep from being triggered at every turn, but even without the accessories, I’ve been finding myself looking for her in her usual places — the couch in the library, the bed, the other bed — and quickly closing the front door to keep her from running out, and going to the cupboard to get some food for her. And in each instance, it stings. I suppose I’ll be doing that for a while. Fran says she’s doing the same thing. There’ll be a period of adjustment, that much I know.

Adjustment is the watchword here at this site, too. My daily work schedule is about to change, and while the specifics are not relevant to anyone but me, it means more time to do new things, and old things I’ve neglected. The latter would include this site, which I know has been a wasteland for a while. With more time to just write whatever I want, I think I’ll be a little more active here, not for any reason other than I like to write and not everything fits in a tweet. I can’t guarantee something every day, or even anything coherent and interesting, but I’ll be here. At least it’s free.