11. August 2016 · Comments Off on Work From Home · Categories: Cat, Work

There are benefits to working at home. The commute, of course, can’t be beat.  The flexibility of work attire is obvious.  (Yes, I do get dressed.  No, not a suit.)  The availability of your own kitchen, your own bathroom, your own everything is ideal.  And I’m pretty good at warding off distractions; I don’t turn on the big TV, I don’t go off and play video games all day, I don’t really do anything but work.

Which is how I get days like this, on which I never leave the house.  Other than a break for my daily run, and 10 minutes to slam down what passed for lunch, I spent all day right here in front of the computer, writing and researching and writing some more.  I saw nobody, talked to a few people on the phone but that’s all the human interaction I had, and… well, I don’t want this to become the Daily Ella Mourning, but I used to at least be able to check on the cat and maybe feed and pet her for a few minutes for some semblance of socialization, and now that’s gone, too.  So, solitude.

When you’re solitary like this, you tell yourself that you’re going to make a concerted effort to break that chain, that you’re going to schedule lunches and coffee and whatever else would work to just get together with friends and business associates.  And I’m going to do that.  My pending schedule changes will help, and I already have some scheduled.  But it’s an effort, especially when you live, as I do, very far, far away from everyone you know.  That leads to conversations like this:

“Okay, let’s do lunch on Friday.  Where’s your office?”

“Palos Verdes.”

Long pause.  “Um… Let’s meet up here.”

But I will.  I will get in the car and drive and drive and meet up with people, because if I stay in the office all by myself, I am going to do crazy things like talk to myself and write blog posts about how I work alone and have no human interac…

Never mind.  If you’re in the L.A. area and know me and want to grab lunch, all I’m saying is that I’m open to that possibility more than ever.  A change of scenery is always a good idea.