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How ludicrous was the opening Tokyo series for baseball this season? I completely forgot the game was on this morning. I'll bet a lot of people did.

Not that anyone would have noticed. The A's won 5-1 behind Rich Harden, the Sox managed only five hits, and I'll bet both teams couldn't wait to get on planes and head back to the States. That's not a slap at Tokyo, it's just a recognition that this opening series is just wearing and awkward, and downright weird with both teams back to exhibition games for the weekend before starting again for real. The A's go home to play the Giants, the Sox come here to play the Dodgers (including the Coliseum game Saturday, another surreality-in-the-making, but probably a lot more fun). Did this series even happen?

(This was the third time MLB opened in Japan, the other times being in 2000 and 2004. Pray that they forget to do it again in 2012)

So we're two games in and I feel like the season hasn't started... because it hasn't, not even really for the teams involved. They split, so, really, we COULD just ignore these two games and all agree that they didn't happen. So it's a lot like Pam Ewing waking up and finding Bobby in the shower in "Dallas." If it means we can get back to games that start after 3 am, I'm all for it.



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